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Dear Sirs

RE: Williams Solicitors of Oak Cottage, Burnt Oak, East Bergholt, Suffolk CO7 6TJ

Solicitors Regulation authority No. 389849 

I recently discovered to my horror that I had inadvertently infringed a copyright relating to some photos I had downloaded from the internet onto a semi private golfing blog. Realising I needed assistance to resolve the matter I spoke to a friend who recently retired from a local firm of solicitors in Sudbury. She was unable to suggest anyone but advised to seek out a specialist Intellectual Properties Solicitor.

I have been for some time under my GP’s supervision due to suffering from depression. Due to the attitude of the copyright owner`s communications to me I knew I urgently required a local legal specialist that could assist me with my mounting problem as I was not just being perused for a considerable amount of money, but was also being verbally attacked in the process. I realised that it was just blatantly bullying to intimidate me into making a quick financial settlement, but with my medical condition, it made the whole situation unbearable for me.

I searched the internet giving direct information to websites, information etc. I did not know it at the time but my problem was soon to be eased, and ultimately resolved, because I came across Mr Stephen Williams, of Williams Solicitors.

I spoke to Mr Williams regards my problem and he noted the pressure I was under. After some normal checks he was willing to represent me in the harrowing and extremely stressful case – well, for me anyway.

I will not go into detail apart from saying that Mr Williams acted in the most professional way, explaining the issues and putting forward his recommendations. Mr Williams went further by keeping us informed and abreast of the situation at all times by email and also by telephone. When what can only be called unpleasant, nasty and further bullying responses arrived from the individual seeking money, Mr Williams dealt with the situation on my behalf. My wife tells me that she spoke to Mr Williams a few times when he inquired after my health, and was reassured by his explaining exactly what we had agreed to do to get a resolution to this problem.

I write to advise that I both recommend and endorse Williams Solicitors which I do with great pleasure, as in this day and age it is reassuring to deal with individuals that are not only excellent in their profession but act in such a caring manner. Whilst I have, on occasion, dealt with solicitors through my life and found them to be fair and reasonable, I must say that Mr Williams was all that but he went that extra mile. This helped tremendously to lift much of the burden off my shoulders throughout the process of seeking a reasonable and fair settlement.

I will also be submitting a similar letter to the Suffolk Trading Standards in the hope that they – if requested – will be able to pass on Williams Solicitors details for others who might fall foul of internet copyright.

Williams Solicitors are a credit to their profession and also to the Law Society – theirs is the face of humanity in a dark and selfish world


Yours faithfully

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